Insurance & Payment

Your initial 15 minute consultation is free. After that, my fee is $130 and payment is expected at the start of each 45 to 50 minute session. I also maintain a limited number of sliding scale openings ($100-$130) and insurance slots. I accept payment via cash, check, health savings account (HSA), debit card, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

15 Minute Phone  Consultation

Are we a good fit?

Your phone consultation will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you’d like to achieve, explore, and experience in therapy before deciding whether to move forward with scheduling an initial 50 minute face-to-face session. You are not obligated to make any decisions at the end of the consultation, in fact I encourage anyone seeking therapy to be very selective and contact all of the therapists you were considering before making your decision.


Typical Questions I ask include:

Where did you hear about me? What brings you to therapy at this time? Have you been in therapy before? If so, what was most helpful or problematic about the experience? What are you hoping to experience, accomplish or discover in therapy? How long do you expect to come for therapy?


I also encourage you to ask your therapist any questions you may have. eg What is your general therapeutic orientation and approach? Are you available for phone sessions? How do you feel about medication?

**I only provide video conferencing to clients who travel frequently , during instances of inclement weather and other special circumstances eg COVID 19 Pandemic