Kneeling Protestors

Centering Marginalized Folx: Practicing intersectional, anti-oppression and decolonizing work. 


Inner-Wisdom: Assumes that when all of our parts are communicating within the whole, the system is self-directing and self-correcting, and has an inner wisdom of its own.


Mind-Body Integration: Exploring the mind-body connection to help bring to awareness this somatic material, and the core beliefs and experiences that generate it.


Non Violence: Promoting safe, non-forceful, collaborative exploration through honoring the signs and signals of our organic processes, especially those that manifest as “resistance."


Queer & Trans Affirming: Gender expansive and affirming of all identities and expressions 


Sex Positive: Pleasure-centered, affirming kink (and kink infomed) and non-monogamous relationship structures

Gay Pride Celebrations