After the first couple of meetings, we will assess if therapy  with me can be of benefit to you. I do not accept clients who, in my opinion, I cannot support with meeting identified goals. In such a case, I will give you a number of referrals whom you can contact. If at any point during psychotherapy, I assess that I am not effective in helping you reach the therapeutic goals, I am obligated to discuss it with you and, if appropriate, to discontinue treatment. e.g Therapy may be terminated for excessive missed appointments without notification

In such a case, I  would give you a number of referrals that may be of help to you. If you request it and authorize it in writing, I will talk to the psychotherapist of your choice in order to help with the transition. If, at any time, you want another professional's opinion or wish to consult with another therapist, I will assist you with referrals, and, if I have your written consent, I will provide her or him with the essential information needed. You have the right to terminate therapy at any time. If you choose to do so, and if appropriate, I will offer to provide you with names of other qualified professionals.

Inactive Clients 


Should you fail to schedule an appointment for three consecutive weeks, unless other arrangements have been made in advance, for legal and ethical reasons, I must consider the professional relationship discontinued.

This does not mean you must attend therapy every 3 weeks. It means that, should you go more than 3 weeks without putting anything on the calendar at all, I must consider our active professional relationship discontinued and close your case.

Should you want to return to therapy, you are welcome to contact me and discuss returning to an active therapeutic relationship at any time. I will be happy to hear from you! However, for legal and ethical reasons, I cannot maintain an active status as your mental health professional if we are not working together regularly.


***Clients who become inactive may have to review and sign a new informed consent and practice policies form if it has been updated since we last started working together. Because I have a limited number of sliding scale slots if you become inactive I may offer your slot to a client on the waiting list  in need of a lower fee.***