Individual/Traidic Post Graduate Supervision

Study Group on the Grass

What you can expect

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Musenge offers dyadic, triadic and group supervision to supervisees pursuing their license as Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT) in Tennessee.  Please see my credentials to learn more about my theoretical orientation.  

$Fee Details$

  • You can expect to learn more about you therapist parts and your process (Person of the Therapist) in supervision

  • Case consultation, opportunities to meet new peers, and learn about resources in the community

  • Culturally sensitive, affirming, inclusive and  support with your diverse caseload

  • Opportunites to practice expressive arts, somatic, and ecotherapy interventions

  • Safe/Counterspace to staff  GSM and other marginalized clients

  • Learn how to navigate the wonderful world of private and insurance

  • Soul/Self care and support while working and studying for exams

  • Please note that all  individual supervision dyads and triads  are scheduled on Fridays.

Please note: I am unable to provide supervision to LPC-MHSP supervisees at this time.