Individual Post Graduate Supervision

Study Group on the Grass

Can you be my Primary Therapist

As a Supervisor, I want to know what have you survived, healed from, and how you want to keep growing as a Person of The Therapist (POTT) Model is foundational to our work together!


Contact me for an online application

Resume (it’s okay if it just your graduate school internship) with references, brief Personal Statement/Questionnaire eg what do you do for self care, theoretical orientation, etc


Attend one of our supervision groups or individual triadic supervision sessions            

Optional but highly recommended! I know this may be hard for those of you who forego the samples at Costco because you know you will feel obligated to buy a family size box of frozen meatballs. You do not have to buy any meatballs, you just need to pay for your hours.


Schedule an interview

We are interviewing each other! You can ask me for references too! The path to licensure is a long road so let’s make sure we can have a collaborative working relationship. We briefly discussed expectations, responsibilites, touch on some of your responses in the application. 


Decision Time!

Pre-Licensed Clinicians will be contacted by email with a decision within 24 hours from the interview. Let’s  take some time and space to metabolise our interview and to make a decision. We can both be awesome therapists and not be good fit at the very same time and that is okay!

What you can expect

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Musenge offers dyadic, triadic and group supervision to supervisees pursuing their license as Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT) in Tennessee.  Please see my credentials to learn more about my theoretical orientation.  

  • You can expect to learn more about you therapist parts and your process (Person of the Therapist) in supervision

  • Case consultation, opportunities to meet new peers, and learn about resources in the community

  • Culturally sensitive, affirming, inclusive and  support with your diverse caseload

  • Opportunites to practice expressive arts, somatic, and ecotherapy interventions

  • Safe/Counterspace to staff  GSM and other marginalized clients

  • Learn how to navigate the wonderful world of private and insurance

  • Soul/Self care and support while working and studying for exams

  • The occassional specialized training


I am currently an AAMFT Approved Supervisor Candidate  with a mentor and will completing requirements for the AAMFT by June 2021. If you have any concerns about how this designation  may impact your supervision please contact me.  I am unable to provide supervision to LPC-MHSP supervisees at this time.​