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Frequently Asked Questions

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Click Here to Review My Rates 

My rates are comparable to other therapists with similar training and experience in Nashville and vary according to frequency and duration. My fees include psychotherapy, treatment planning, clinical assessments, clinical notes and case consultation with highly experienced and respected IFS, IFIO, Ecotherapy and Brainspotting Consultants.

I only offerequity rates for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients for my 12 week intensive programs. If you have any questions please feel free to send an email 

Are We A Good Fit

The therapeutic relationship is very unique because it is very intimate, deeply personal and also contractual.

Ethical concerns about the 15 minute consultation

In my 13 years in the mental health field I have found that the 15 minute consultation raises some ethical concerns for me as trauma informed psychotherapist:

  1. I5 minutes is not enough time for us to develop a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship or assess if my particular implementation of the therapeutic models  work for your current situation

  2. The 15 minutes time limit pressures prospective clients to share traumatic material that can be potentially destabilizing

  3. At the end of the consultation, some clients have parts that feel they need to make a decision out of fear of losing a potential slot


An ethical Alternative

I respect your time, energy, wellbeing and desire to really get to know you and assess whether I have the appropriate skill set and resources to support you at this time. 

  1. Complete an secure online intake questionnaire for the service you are interested in eg outpatient psychotherapy for individual, romantic partners etc

  2. I will review your intake form and if the outpatient level is appropriate you will receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE/Federal No Suprises Act) and email and indicating you have access to my calendar to schedule an intake session. If outpatient care is not indicated at this time given the severity of your symptoms I will provide recommendations and rationale. 

  3. The first 4 sessions are an assessment period in which we will develop a treatment plan that will identify problem areas, set measurable goals, discuss interventions, establish frequency of sessions and really get a feel of if we are a good fit.

What Types of therapy you Offer?

Click Here to Review My Trauma Informed Therapy Modalities

I have extensive training in several evidence based  and trauma informed therapy modalities for individuals, couples, families and groups. Please take a moment to watch the videos and and write down any questions you may have.

Where & How Will We Work TOgether?

Click Here to Review Concerns I work on with Romantic Partners and Individuals

I support clients who are physically in Tennessee both online and in person in 4 ways:

Weekly or Biweekly personalized treatment programs for individuals and couples

A customized treatment program with targeted treatment goals. Therapy Intensives with Musenge are done in person often for 3-9 sessions (1.5 to 2 hours each session)


Adjunct intensive therapy (4-12 intensive sessions) in collaboration with your primary talk therapist

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