Couples & Romantic Partners Psychotherapy

Musenge offers therapy to couples and romantic partners in gender-diverse, heterosexual, same-sex or polyamorous relationships. Couples and romantic partners seek psychotherapy for various reasons in different stages in their lives, including when the relationship is progressing relatively well. For some couples, simply beginning therapy can restore a sense of goodwill in the relationship. Couples often seek support with the following:


  • Reconnecting emotionally, affirm and renew your commitment to one another 

  • Developing understanding of the correlation between your early lives and your experience in relationships

  • Understanding of the origins of feelings of mistrust or reactivity

  • Coping with infertility, infidelity, sexual difficulties, divorce, remarriage, financial or employment stresses, loss, grief, parenting conflicts, cultural tensions, a personal history of trauma, depression, anxiety, disability, illness, care-giving or aging, or any other source of stress or adjustment in your lives

  • Developing your capacity for self-reflection, intimacy and trust, as well as emotional regulation and effective communication when arguing or distressed 

  • Developing understanding of what most strengthens your feelings of closeness.

  • Develop or adopt rituals or practices that will support and nurture your life as a couple